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The origins of coffee

Its origins, there are many legends.
The most common alloy coffee at some Kaldi, Yemeni shepherd whose goats and camels showed particularly lively night after “dinner” with some berries. Kaldi himself,pointed out the strangeness Yahia Abbot, the nearby Monastery Chehodet. It was thefirst religion to guess the properties of the berries and to obtain a drink from a dark color. The Monaco, so he began to stay awake at night, just like goats and camels ofKaldi, the only difference being that he prayed.

Muhammad’s coffe

According to another legend, perhaps less well known, the properties of coffee”favored” the prophet Muhammad. It is said that Allah “person”, sent to his favoritepatient a potion of the dark color as the Holy Black Stone of Mecca, the “qawa” (a name which still indicates the coffee in the Arab world). Barista for the occasion, the ArchangelGabriel. According to the story, Muhammad took the drink dark forces and force shotsand shot and left for large enterprises. Such as is known, does not appear to have gonefrom the mountain.

The coffee in Italy and around the world

A gamble in the West, the birthright of the “Coffee Shop” are Venice and Livorno. We are around 1640. If it is uncertain where he made coffee for the first “commercial” Italian,you can say for sure where he shone out its aroma and perfume everywhere.

1960. A small fleet of Dutch sailors returning from the coast of Moka in Yemen, plantsome plants in Sumatra and Java taken as a souvenir. Created the first large coffee plantations that soon will spread to Brazil and throughout Central and South America.

The ‘suspended coffe’

Imagine entering a bar. The ears hear the clink of plates and spoons. The nose is surrounded by the scent of coffee. The eyes, photographing those little fingers raised. And the hands? A feel empty pockets. No coffee? All of that triumph of sensory stimuli for nothing? Fortunately, no, there’s always a coffee for you. It’s called coffee suspended ,and is an old Neapolitan tradition. “Two coffees, one for me and one for our neighbor who cannot pay for it”. A tradition to celebrate the happy events and to reiterate that Naples a coffee “cannot be denied to anyone.