Sales terms « Brunocaffè

Sales terms

The articles chosen from the Brunocaffè.com catalogue can be ordered respecting the following sales terms:

Order agreement and conclusion

Buying anything ordered will respect the following steps:

  • By sending an order, the customer will submit a buying purpose of the article or the articles inserted into the trolley, to Brunocaffè.com,accepting to buy them at price and terms indicated on the sales terms.
  • Brunocaffè.com will confirm the order receipt sending an e-mail, giving an order number, which will be utilized with the Customer name during any further communication with Brunocaffè.com, the date, the total amount of the order,the products delivery conditions.The payment terms will be chosen by the customer, during the on-line buying.
  • Brunocaffè.com will text the payment and will deliver everything ordered to the express courier charged to deliver definitively at the address indicated.

Delivery conditions and expenses

Brunocaffè.com will provide to deliver the ordered products to the express courier in 48 working hours from the e-buying proceed ending. The courier (or the vector chosen) will provide to deliver the bought goods in the following 48 hours to the address indicated in the order proceed. Delivery times have to be considered orientative,Brunocaffè.com will not guarantee them.
The delivery of the products takes place all over Europe.The delivery expenses are specified in the detail order, receveid via e-mail by the customer,and in any case declared in the buying phase.

Delivery terms

After the confirmation order via mail or via phone,Brunocaffè.com will provide to deliver the goods, by courier or any other chosen vector,to the address indicated on the buying application. General delivery times consist in 48-72 hours (it depends on the chosen vector) from the order agreement (Weekends and holydays can’t be considered).
In any case,delivery times here indicated can’t be considered binding anytimes.

Return and refund policy (right withdrawal)

When the customer is a consumer (a phisical person who buys the goods with any aim which concerns his own professional activity) has the right to withdraw from the contract for any reasons,without giving explanations and penality free.
The customer who wants to exercise this right,must communicate his will to brunocaffè.com in 10 working days from the date in which the goods has been received.The communication will be made by telegram or fax at the number 080536752, in 10 days.
When Brunocaffè receives the recess communication, the firm will provide to communicate to the customer the instructions regarding the restitution goods conditions.In this case, as unique expense, the customer will provide to the shipment ones.
The goods has to be given back in its original packaging ,complete in all its elements(with any further documentation or accessory dotation) and without damages of any sort.The goods will be examined at its arrival in wharehouse and in case of damage the right of recess won’t be exercised.
Ecxept for the case of damaging,Brunocaffè.com will provide to repaym for the total amount already paid, in 14 days from the receipt date of the goods restitution.The customer will provide to give to Brunocaffè the bank details to receive the total amount paid in the buying phase.

Payment options

  • On line payment by credit card
    Accepte Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Diners
  • Bank transfer (only for payment in advance)
    Bank details
    IBAN CODE : IT 26 E 02008 04024 000005285402
    The order will be dispatched immediately after the payment receipt on our brunocaffè srl current account.
  • Cash on delivery